Endurance House of Zionsville: helpful for a fresh start in 2015

Jay Miller at Endurance House
Jay Miller at Endurance House

Commentary by Jillian Albrecht

Nestled sweetly in the Village of Zionsville, just off Main Street, you can now find Endurance House.  In a nutshell, owner Jay Miller describes the store as “one stop shopping for triathletes.”  I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “triathlete,” I feel immediately intimidated.  My idea of a triathlon is getting up, getting dressed, and taking the dog out.  However, even once I was inside the store, I felt distinctly unintimidated.  Vanessa Stiles welcomed me and introduced me to Jay who took me on a tour.

First stop: running.  A sleek tech station was presented to me as the personal movement profile generator.  Your personal movement profile takes aches, pains, and past injuries into consideration, as well as analyzing your running style while you are wearing a neutral shoe.  On the bicycle side, an almost videogame-looking stationary bike and screen is the “guru station.”  On the guru bicycle, customers shopping for a bike use measurements taken by Microsoft Kinect.  The bike itself is adjusted to the customer’s comfort and needs and the guru is able to suggest the bike best suited to you.

Nutrition, swimwear and goggles, etc., and exercise clothing are also located on the first floor.  Upstairs are the wet suits, recovery room, a meeting area, and another impressive technological set-up for spin classes.  Why might you need a meeting area?

“When you are in a triathlon you’ll have all kinds of coaches: a swimming coach, a running coach, a cycling coach.  And you’re usually meeting these people at Starbucks.  Here you can meet with them, talk comfortably, and they can actually see you move,” says Jay.

His staff has all been selected to be helpful, knowledgable, and friendly.

He’s set out to create a welcoming space for both established athletes and people like me who would really like/need to do more, but don’t even know where to start.

Stop in and say hi!  Talk serious beet juice, or just start the year off right with a new pair of running shoes and a healthier outlook.

Plus: The Endurance House in Zionsville isn’t the only one! Endurance House in Fishers will also be opening soon!