Column: Getting active at The Barrington

Sam and Wilma Preissler
Sam and Wilma Preissler

I was only five reps into my set of 50 Russian Crunches last night when I began to seriously regret the too many fourth cookies I indulged over the holidays. Two frosted snowmen would have certainly been enough.  So I dutifully struggle through a workout at 9Round 30 Minute Kickboxing to help me reclaim my mid-section and re-establish a healthy lifestyle.  But, with 25 crunches left to go, I dream of the day when I can just go for it and have 4 cookies anytime I want.  Thank goodness I met Sam and Wilma who set me straight.

Sam and Wilma Preissler, both 79 years young, are residents of the Barrington in Carmel and are big fans of a new Barrington process called Masterpiece Living.  They call it a process instead of a program because Masterpiece Living is intended to continue on and on.  Sam is one of 12 committee members responsible to help the entire community experience a renewal during the later years of their life.  The process includes four basic pillars; social, intellectual, physical and spiritual.

Sam said, “Our committee is focused on ways to make sure the latter part of our life is not a downward spiral, but exciting.  People should not just be warehoused, but vitally involved in living.”

That mindset is spreading and becoming the norm in the 135 unit independent living apartment complex as residents are offered many opportunities to change their lifestyle.  They are encouraged to create new habits which can lead to a more fulfilling existence.

Wilma Preissler said, “Many of my hobbies involved less activity.  Now I am more active.  I wear a pedometer to see how many steps I can get in.  I went from being a couch potato to very active.  My habits now include physical activity.”

During the month of February, the Masterpiece Living Committee is challenging all of the residents to try four new activities every week.  The key word is new.  Four activities each resident has not previously experienced.  A slight push to step out of a normal routine and generate some fresh experiences.  While skydiving is not on the list, there are plenty of creative opportunities to bring out the hidden talents from everyone.

So, now I know.  I don’t want to shoot for the day when I don’t care about the fourth cookie.  I should always care, right up to the very end.  Sam and Wilma taught me that.   Good Day Carmel.