Column: Culp leaves for new job, motherhood


Commentary by Cindy Benedict


On Jan. 16 I had the honor of wishing a true community builder the very best for her next life stage. Cara Culp, public affairs manager for the City of Noblesville, bid goodbye to many friends and colleagues. After almost 13 years with the city, she is leaving to begin a family with her husband, Aaron. They are part of the State of Indiana Foster Program and a child could arrive within a day, a week, or longer.

Over the past three years, I’ve watched Cara care deeply for her many “communities” and now she is doing it again with her thoughtful approach to launching a family. Indiana has approximately 9,294 children in foster care and many of them are eligible to be adopted. The Culps want to help and have asked to be matched with a child up to age 3 but will also take two siblings. They have completed a thorough application and training program and now must wait and prepare.

And that is what she did for the city too. Through two mayors she made sure that our residents, with the help of the media, knew the very latest about Noblesville – information that was always trustworthy. Cara quietly helped you know about road closures, building projects, events, and celebrations every day. She chaired nine July 4th Festivals and served on numerous teams to create and continue memorable special events that make Noblesville unique. As a Noblesville High School graduate, she particularly cared for honoring residents who made life-long contributions to Noblesville, especially our veterans, through a variety of civic honors.

Mayor John Ditslear said it best to me, “We are going to deeply miss having Cara on our team. Her knowledge, love and care for Noblesville will be very hard to replace.” We are lucky that her roots are deep here. So as the Culps begin their family, we know that while she says good-bye to city employment, she doesn’t say good-bye to the city.

Here’s to seeing you around Noblesville, Cara. Thank you for all the ways you made the community better.

Cindy Benedict is the manager of Vision Noblesville. She can be contacted at 770-2007 or cbenedict@ To learn more, visit