Lane restrictions continue on Old Meridian in Carmel


During construction yesterday, an excavation company hit a water main on the southwest corner of at Old Meridian and Main. When the damage to the water main occurred, it undermined the road. Inspectors from the City’s Engineering Department examined the condition of the road late last night and determined that the best course of action is to restore the road properly after the water main is repaired today.

“We understand the inconvenience to motorists in the area due to the congestion they are already experiencing as a result of the US 31 detour, however, this is the safest course of action. We had considered waiting to do the roadway repair until the roundabout was closed for the road project, but after close review, we determined it is safer to get everything fixed sooner rather than later,” said Utility Director John Duffy.

The excavation and repair of the water main will occur this morning after the morning rush hour. Traffic northbound on Old Meridian will flow freely. Southbound traffic will flow, but with restrictions. City officials have said they plan to complete the work by the evening rush hour.