Tailgating: What To wear



By Joe Drozda and Bob Bley

This “what to wear” column is for your physical (not emotional) comfort.  Football has three seasons: 1) “Hot”, 2) “Comfortable” and 3) “Cold”.

For the HOT season women should avoid any makeup that will melt easily. Men and women should avoid clothing colors like black that soak up the sun’s rays and just make you hotter!  Wear clothes that are light in color as this will reflect the heat and sunlight better.  Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing will help to keep you cooler.  Shorts and short-sleeved shirts are good choices, although a lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants are preferable if you’re tailgating for any length of time, as this provides more protection against the UV rays.  In that same light (no pun intended), a wide-brimmed (Panama style) hat may be appropriate.  Cotton clothing tends to keep you cool but be careful of synthetics – some can increase heat, while others are specifically made to reduce heat (check the labels).

For the COLD weather we also recommend natural fiber clothes like cotton and wool to be worn in multiple, thin layers.  You can peel off layers (don’t forget a base layer of long undies) as the temperature rises and put them on as it cools.  Natural fibers breathe more and will help you avoid sweat.  Perspiration is a bad thing in cold weather and can make you really uncomfortable after the cold penetrates.  Winter survivalists try to avoid sweat at all costs.   Being wet will cause chill to set in more quickly than if you’re dry so have waterproof – or at least water resistant – outer layers.  There are some new man-made fibers that are appropriate in real cold, windy weather.  Check the labels or do some research to find what will work for you.

In cold weather, since we’re in wonderful layers, we can’t forget the areas that also need extra attention: the head, hands and feet.  Wear a hat that keeps the heat from leaving your body.  Also gloves and warm socks are important.  Don’t worry about how you look in the cold, worry about how you feel.

As for the “Comfortable” season, wear what you like – the dangers of hot and cold won’t be an issue.  Still we recommend layers that can be removed or added as the temperature will fluctuate during a two-hour tailgate party and a four-hour game.  It is always wise to take a jacket with you and – if it has the right pocket – it might assist you in bringing in a flask, or your medicines.

No matter what the season brings, here is a delicious recipe for those chocolate and peanut butter treats – Buckeyes.


1-1/2 cup favorite Peanut Butter

1/2 cup Margarine

2-1/2 cups Powdered Sugar

1 tsp. Vanilla

Melted Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips for coating


Mix peanut butter, margarine, vanilla and sugar until semi-dry and crumbly.  Form mixture into small balls the size of “Buckeyes”.  Slowly dip the balls into chocolate to coat leaving the top uncovered to resemble the real buckeye.  Place your “buckeyes” on waxed paper and refrigerate.