Column: Contested races on all levels


Commentary by Cindy Benedict



At the risk of using my mother voice, let me strongly encourage you to vote on Nov. 4.

This “off-year” election matters in Noblesville as we really do have some races. On the national level, District 5 U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks has two challengers – Shawn Denney and John Krom. At the state level, there is a three-way race for secretary of state with Connie Lawson, Karl Tatgenhorst and Beth White. Three candidates wish to be state auditor: Michael Clayton, Suzanne Crouch and John Schick. Also, three are vying to be the state treasurer: Mike Boland, Mike Jasper, and Kelly Mitchell.

Closer to home, State Rep. Kathy Richardson is being challenged by Joe Marcum and several are running for the Noblesville School Board, including Julia Church Kozicki, Carl A. Johnson IV and Kevin Kalstad. Then there is an important, but little understood race for the Noblesville Township trustee and board. Townships are smaller governing bodies that collect taxes and are the first stop for any resident in crisis who might need help with basic needs.  For the first time in many years there are two people running for township trustee – Mike Davis and Tom Kenley – and four people running for the three board positions – Joe Arrowood, Terry Busby, Peggy Pfister and Peggy Russell.

So please don’t neglect this election and get out and vote. I know it is corny but it is pretty hard to have a government “by the people” if the people stay home. In fact, you could be a poll worker. You get paid between $95 to $150 for the day, plus $20 for meals. Visit  HYPERLINK “” then click “current election information.” On the right side you’ll see “pollworker applications” to register.

Can’t make it to the polls on Nov. 4? No need to worry.

You can vote absentee/early for the general election by going to the Hamilton County Government & Judicial Center in downtown Noblesville. Enter the building by following the “Vote Here” signs that will direct you to the voting area. You will use the same type of electronic voting equipment that is used at the polls on Election Day. Bring your Indiana Driver’s License or ID, passport or military ID.

The hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays through Oct. 31; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 25 and Nov. 1; and 8 a.m. to noon Nov. 3. For more information, call 776-8476.

Don’t let your vote go to waste – democracy depends on it.

Cindy Benedict is the manager of Vision Noblesville. She can be reached at 770-2007 or To learn more, visit