Zionsville Commuity School board recap focused on new year, new plans


At the Aug. 11 Zionsville Community Schools Board of Trustees meeting, members of the board talked about building preparations for the new school year.

What happened: The board said snow make-up days will be done electronically and in June.

What it means: Zionsville Schools was approved last month to pilot e-learning in real time instead of make-up days added to the end of the year. After more discussion with teachers, they hope to be ready to implement e-Learning days by early winter if needed. The Indiana Dept. of Education has approved ZCS’ use of e-days during winter closings.

What’s next: As Supt. Dr. Scott Robison said, everyone must wait for “mother nature” to decide how the winter will be.

What happened: Pleasant View Elementary Phase II bids were discussed and passed.

What it means: The Board moved that the contracts be awarded to the low bid contractors as presented and recommended by the Skillman Corporation for improvements to be made. This includes repairs that were projected to cost $540,000, but were bid at a cost of $273,207, well below the estimated cost.

What’s next: Completion of the PVE repairs projected will be in December.

What happened: Newly appointed administrators Jenny Froehle and Kris Deveraux spoke about their new department.

What it means: Froehle told the board what her department is responsible for, including that she and Deveraux are in charge of reviewing yearly ISTEP scores.

“I think we’re extremely fortunate that we have students that come from homes dedicated to learn … and I think our results speak to that … We don’t see extreme changes from past years,” Froehle said. “We feel very fortunate that we can focus on going beyond those basic standards.”