Opinion: Nixon as a Dem: Different outcome?


With the upcoming 40th anniversary of the resignation of President Richard Nixon on Aug. 8, we thought about the whole repugnant affair in the wake of Watergate, in particular, the 18.5-minute gap made famous by Nixon’s secretary, Rose Mary Woods. You may remember this episode: Woods claimed she had reached to answer the phone and instead of hitting the stop button, mistakenly hit the record button, thus causing the gap, or portions of it. Let’s face it, only a Clinton can get away with that story. Nixon’s credibility went out the window at that moment, as well it should have. Now, fast-forward to today and the latest IRS scandal, specifically the missing emails of Lois Lerner, about which we wrote in the July 29 edition of Current. Conveniently, Lerner’s computer crashed, and we’re expected to believe that these things just happen. Right. To whom did she send those emails, and how high in President Barack Obama’s administration did they rise? Maybe we’re wrong; someone other than a Clinton can get away with this stuff. The Democrats remain eerily silent on this issue, and we might remind them that the first Article of Impeachment against Nixon was adopted by a bipartisan vote. Nixon, too, abused the IRS powers for his own benefit, but the difference is the nation was outraged and embarrassed by it then. Not so now. There’s barely a whiff of indignation on a national scale. So back to the disgraced, fallen president, Nixon. We believe he must be spinning in his grave, thinking he was born way too soon. Or, more accurately, he wishes he had been a Democrat during his political career.

* * *

Prayers and hearts go out to Danny O’Malia, his wife, Rita, and the whole “O” clan on the shooting death of their daughter, sister, mother and cousin, Shannon O’Malia Hall. It’s an unspeakable tragedy. May she rest in, and her survivors gain, peace.