Letter: Not OK with BMV news



I just read the article on “No new Fishers BMV branch.”  Many people are upset about having to drive so far to another town while our town does not provide this basic service that all residents of Fishers’ needs.  We have two large high schools, and the students have to take a driving test. Now they have to go into Carmel or another place to take this test, very inconvenient.

 Can you provide us with a phone number and name of whom we should call to state our views?  I did not know of the meetings and people I have talked to did not know about it either.  Is there any way we can get our own BMV again in Fishers? It was so great. I used to love our town services area. We have the police, fire station, library, post office, and BMV. It was a one stop shop area for many needs. Now it is being turned into an apartment plaza and is a hazard to drive through.

Donna Rollins