Back to school: Procedure for enrolling new students


You can enroll your child at anytime during the school year by following these simple steps.

1 – Determine your Child’s School

You will want to refer to the school boundary maps for Elementary Schools to see what school your child will be attending. This map shows the “home school” for your child based on where you currently or will be residing within the district. If you have not taken possession of your home/apartment, you will need to submit a transfer appeal. The boundary map is available at the HSE website:

2 – Gather Documentation for Registration

You will need all of the following in order to register your child. Bring this information to your home school:

State-issued birth certificate

Current immunization records

Name, address, phone number of previous school

Guardianship papers (if applicable)

Proof of residency

3 – Visit Your School

Once you have gathered all information, you will need to visit your home school to enroll your child. Bring all information, documents and necessary proof of residency forms. In addition, guidance appointments are necessary at the junior high and high school grade levels in order to place your child in the correct courses. Please contact your school’s guidance office to set this up.

Admission to First Grade

A child residing in the Hamilton Southeastern Schools and having successfully completed a Kindergarten Program – public, private, homeschool is eligible to enter grade one. Children not having completed a Kindergarten program will be assessed for proper placement.

Early Childhood

Registration for Early Childhood is a little different then the above process. Please visit our special services page for more information on this program.

Detailed enrollment information is available on the HSE web site at