Zionsville School Board update


By Sophie Pappas

At the July 14 Zionsville Community Schools school board meeting, administrators took action on the front to combat drugs in the high school and in mathematics learning.

Discussion continues on random drug testing

What happened: Parents and students spoke to the board about random drug testing, following the board’s discussion of an amended proposal for RDT. The board voted down a motion to complete a needs assessment analysis of RDT.

“It’s a problem,” said board member and ZCS parent, Joe Stein. “There’s drug use and it’s not any secret.”

Stein, along with the rest of the board, agreed that something needs to be done out of concern for the students, and is in support of the revised options for RDT.

“Everybody wants our kids to be sober,” said board member Bill Stanczykiewicz, who recommended that a full-time staff member be assigned to handling drug testing at the school.

What it means: There are several modifications in the program’s parameters, including and not limited to the option of removing school administrators from the job of implementing RDT. The board members agreed to continue discussing RDT options one and two.

What’s next: ZCS Superintendent Scott Robison said that these options will continue to expand as administrators talk with parents. “We’ve answered maybe dozens, maybe scores of questions,” Robison said.

ALEKS math gone for good

What happened: Robison presented an amendment to remove ALEKS math from middle school learning, effective this school year. However, parents can subscribe to ALEKS for supplemental student learning if they choose to do so.

“ALEKS math is a powerful tool,” Robison said. “This is an avenue for supplemental [learning].”

What it means: Parents can pay $20 per month for their child to use ALEKS as an online supplement to regular classroom learning. ALEKS will not be a part of middle school learning.



What’s next: Textbook resources, online and in print, will replace ALEKS.

Supt. Robison announced that Matt Doublestein will be the new Zionsville West Middle School principal, beginning this fall.