Column: CarmelFest truly a community effort


Now that the smoke has cleared from bombs bursting in mid-air and the red, white and blue bunting is properly stowed, I thought I might contribute a few words to recognize the folks behind the popular summertime July 4th festival. #CarmelFest

It takes literally hundreds of people to stage the ultimate patriotic experience. However, this column is aimed at those who receive little recognition for what they do. Those who just carry on quietly behind the scenes. #modesty

First mention is the Rotary Club of Carmel. It is the members of this longtime Carmel civic organization who – without the need for thanks or public acclaim – decided it was within their mission some 13 years ago to accept the challenge and provide a public exhibition celebrating our country’s founding. I tip my hat to Rotary for their humble service and attentive stewardship of one of Carmel’s greatest assets. #endpolionow

Following closely in the Rotary footsteps is the Carmel Lions Club. For as long as anyone can remember, the Lions arrive early on parade day and are challenged with 110 jumbled parade entries which must be unscrambled and organized into the parade we love. #Lionssaveeyesight

The businesses and neighbors surrounding the grounds of CarmelFest put up with inconvenience and disruption to their daily routine. They do so without complaint. One notable adjacent property is owned by the Schenkel Family and is annually commandeered as part of Kidzone. Never once have the Schenkel’s asked for anything in return but do so just to support their community. #goodexample

The men and women of the Carmel Street Department, assisting with the cleanup at 2 a.m. on the morning of July 4. #Superdedicated

Ila Badger is the silent strength behind the celebrated Spark Button peddler. Usually making change for a $20 bill and providing logistical and moral support for her famous husband, always with a smile and positive attitude. #cherish

You are amazing, brilliant, sweaty and fun. The CarmelFest Committee: Sally Bauer, Ann Baker, Kay Brunson, Tom Blessing, Brian Carriger, Kim Gaskill, Lt. Horner, Bryan Ferry, Keith Freer, Gary Sexton, Bec Hunter, Peggy Powell, Mike Jeter, Ray Kramp, Jess Lawhead, Chris and Kelly Lewis, Paula Lord, Robin Luehrmann, Sue Maki, Janelle Morrison, Andrew Nisenshal, Jon Olson, Kelli Prader, Jenn Penix, Peter Primason, Wendy Phillips, Jason Randlett, Cindy Roberts Greiner, Paul Shulte, Doug and Kay Thompson, Sue Westermeier, Lisa Wilson and Gary Frey. #communityservants

Last only here, but S.W. thank you for 22 CarmelFests as teammates. #loveyou