Letter: And Libertarians are the crazy ones? 



Let’s see if I can get this straight. So the United States invades Iraq for trumped up reasons and ousts Saddam who was a Sunni – a Sunni who fought against the Shiite government of Iran and kept them in check. While we were bogged down in a 10-year war, we emboldened Iran. We pull out of Iraq and a new Al-Qaeda-supported Sunni group is now retaking Iraq. So we ousted a Sunni government, spent billions, lost thousands of lives so that another Sunni group could retake Iraq. But this time with ties to Al-Qaeda. Now the United States is considering joining forces with the Shiite theocracy of Iran to oppose this new threat. The same Iran we are led to believe is fueling terrorists across the Middle East and in Syria. The same Iran that every Presidential candidate trips over themselves to appear to be the toughest against. The same Iran we sanction. The same Iran that we are told wants to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.” The same Iran that is a “very urgent threat.” This is a great example of why a non-interventionist foreign policy is the solution. Our foreign policy has not made us safer, it has squandered our resources, gotten many of our men and women killed and has led to a high rate of post traumatic stress disorder and suicides among our veterans. All while VA scandals are plenty and we provide worse healthcare for our veterans than we do for illegal immigrants. But we will all blindly vote in a Clinton to take on another Bush in 2016. Maybe I should just watch the World Cup. Rant complete.

David Stockdale, 46033