Carmel police officers step up patrols during Memorial Day weekend


By Jessica Fox

Extra Carmel police officers will be on patrol this weekend to ensure the safety of everyone out on the roads.

“Generally on holiday weekends more people tend to consume alcohol and drive vehicles,” Carmel police spokesman Lt. Joe Bickle said.

So in response, the department will deploy an extra 14 officers to keep the roads safe.

Carmel police take this issue very seriously and want to make sure that people drive responsibly. If you plan to consume alcoholic beverages, be responsible or find a designated driver, Bickle said.

Since the beginning of May, Carmel Police, along with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, have been working to enforce the national Click-it-or-Ticket campaign.

Officers and deputies have worked overtime to make sure that drivers and their passengers are wearing safety belts to prevent serious injuries in the event of an accident.

Indiana state law requires all drivers or passengers 16-and-older to wear a seat belt. Children 15-and-younger should be restrained by a child restraint device or seat belt. This law applies to all vehicles.

There will be zero tolerance for unworn seat belts. All drivers and passengers who are not properly restrained will receive a ticket.

Indiana is currently one of the leading states in seat belt use with a 93 percent rate in 2012.