Letter: Cupping works



For years, I have suffered from neck and back pain related to bad posture and a partially collapsed disc in my neck. I have been treated through physical therapy, shots in my neck and back, chiropractors and deep tissue massages which provided some relief but nothing lasting. A friend told me about Dr. Young Park at the Center for Integrated Medicine and his holistic approach so I gave cupping a try. After three treatments, my pain and muscle spasms were completely gone. While I have always been a critic of alternative medical procedures, I was open to it when the traditional methods didn’t work. After it worked for me, I reached out to Dr. Park and asked him to write a column to share with the community since he is a Zionsville resident. I appreciate Dr. Park taking the time to write the article and hope it was helpful to others as well. Thank you, Dr. Park. I’m still pain free!

Julie Osborne