Opinion: Hearts of gold


On May 17, the American Heart Association here in Indiana will host hundreds of attendees at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis for its paramount fundraising gala, the Heart of Gold Ball. Raising more than $500,000 annually, the event funds pediatric cardiovascular research, increases awareness of childhood obesity, and supports education and advocacy. But perhaps even more importantly, it brings together civic and community leaders, friends and family to spend a Saturday night out for a good cause.

These United States have long benefited from a somewhat unique approach to problem solving. We work together garnering private support, financially and otherwise, to confront the issues pressing ourselves and fellow citizens. Certainly, government has taken an ever increasing role in choosing both the priority and the intensity of allowed interest in matters of philanthropy. But happily, most of us continue to be directly concerned in an abundance of causes dedicating much towards addressing them.

By April 21, we productive Hoosiers have earned enough to cover the expense of our State and Federal governments for the year. While the so-called tax freedom day arrived 3 days later than it did in 2013, citizens can now focus our attentions and labor at our own pursuits. Education, housing, food and leisure are among the priorities likely to be addressed. Yet at a rate unparalleled globally, we Americans share. We give away more, in all three categories measured by The Charity Aid Foundation – time, money and support of strangers, than any country rich or poor. A significant and growing amount of our collective toil will go to the benefit of our communities.

A generous friend invited us to join the Heart of Gold Ball at his table. Inspired by his leadership, we will participate joyfully – and contribute. I suspect many of you will too – check out: www.bestheartcare.com/2011/04/26/the-heart-of-gold-ball.