Community Pet Healthcare here to heal



By Zach Manges

Has the fluffiest resident of your home caught the sniffles? There’s a new location to cure what ails them at Community Pet Healthcare in Whitestown. The veterinary clinic recently celebrated three months of providing service to the community, and is looking forward to the future.

At the helm is Dr. Matt Cantrell, who attended Purdue University for his Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, where he received several awards including recognition for compassionate care and excellence in clinical pathology.

“Upon graduation I practiced high-quality medicine at a great small animal hospital in Brownsburg,” Cantrell said. “There I developed a sense for exactly how I wanted to fit into the community and shape my dream, which evolved into Community Pet Healthcare.”

That strong connection to the community implied by the title is integral to the clinic’s philosophy. According to Cantrell, comprehensive communication between care provider and patient owner is key in prolonging the lives of pets, and is a major focus for himself and the rest of the staff.

“Our emphasis on thorough communication should impress most pet-parents. We are dedicated to taking all the time necessary to explain the importance of what we recommend,” Cantrell said. “Each member of our staff is engaged in providing the best care possible to pets and their people.”

The clinic provides a bounty of services for their patients including micro-chipping, spaying/neutering, orthopedic exams, and many more. Among these offerings, though, the clinic has specific interest in high-quality dentistry and rehabilitation services, which Cantrell describes as physical therapy for pets.

“We are especially excited about rehabilitation, because we believe we can help many pets heal from surgeries faster and better,” Cantrell said. “Rehabilitation also has applications for chronic pain like arthritis and we can even help obese pets lose weight.”

Whatever the shape or size of your shaggy-coated loved one, the plethora of services and a staff dedicated to involving pet owners in the healing process assures a quality stay for all.

“Pet owners will experience a warm, welcoming environment in which we guide them to understand how we recommend taking care of their furry family members,” Cantrell said. “We are committed to the meaning of “Community,” and we are excited to be here.”