Letter: Obama uses bait and switch tactics



My name is Mallory, and I am a 21-year-old social work student, so one can see how I am surrounded by many “Liar in Chief” fans. I loved your article because it shows the other side to this whole tax the wealthy movement.

Obama has made it seem that wealthy people have no right to their money, yet they are often the ones making huge advances in our world. Philanthropy in the private sector has a huge impact on our world, and those people aren’t forced. Let’s not be socialists.

Also, I am disgusted by the “bait and switch tactics” that have been used on the American people. Sadly, Obama and his corrupt posse are never reprimanded for the lies that pour from their mouths. I just never realized how corrupt our government can be and get by with it. Great article.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mallory Heincker