HSE School Board seek replacement


By Nancy Edwards


The HSE School Board is looking for a new member in the absence of Daren Sink, who will be resigning at the end of this month.

Interested applicants that live in Fall Creek Township may apply online at www.hse.k12.in.us/. Applications are due by Dec. 12, and will be reviewed on Dec. 19 by the school board.

The school board hopes to interview candidates by Jan. 6 and possibly make a decision by that date.

Community forums report

Community forums were conducted last month in an effort to gather community feedback on matters facing HSE Schools. A total of 1,264 respondents living in the HSES area completed the online survey, which was posted on the Town of Fishers website and mailed to residents who had signed up to receive the Town’s news alerts.

There were 28 respondents to the survey that indicated an interest in serving on a focus group. The group was split into three categories: those who did not have children in the district; a mixed group including those who did and did not have children in the district; and a third category with parents who have children in the district.

The group discussed baseline perceptions of HSE Schools and communication insights and needs.

The responses indicated that:


  • Respondents have personal experience with budget cuts, both professionally and personally, have seen neighbors and friends lose jobs and would not be surprised of HSE School budget cuts
  • Respondents want to feel they are part of the solution; they feel that residents could and should be asked to solve the budget crunch
  • Respondents want to feel good about their decision to live in the HSES district; they want to be reminded of the high quality and reassured that this quality will be maintained
  • Respondents want to hear from principals and from some teachers; they want to learn how cuts will affect them on a personal level from those they know and trust with the schools


The administration will review the data and discuss any recommended next steps at a meeting held at a later date.