Town Council Recap, Aug. 5


What happened: Capital projects were discussed in the work session.

What it means: Budget talks for the next fiscal year started at a previous council work session. At this session, Town Manager Scott Fadness delved into many perspective capital projects for next year, including town-wide road resurfacing, gaps in path work, asset tracking software for public works and more.

What’s next: Budget discussions should continue during work sessions, which are open to the public and start at 5:30 p.m. They’re almost always held in town hall’s administration conference room.

What happened: First reading of a new vehicle tow ordinance was held.

What it means: Officer Mitch Thompson, assistant chief of police, broke the new ordinance down for the council. Currently, when FPD needs a vehicle towed, they use a rotating list of five companies. More companies want to be part of that list, though Thompson said FPD was satisfied with the current five. The ordinance will set performance standards for the companies, will set maximums on tow fees and more.  Thompson said other municipalities are waiting to see how the ordinance pans out and then model it after the town’s.

What’s next: Thompson said he planned to share the ordinance with tow companies for input-purposes. The ordinance will come back for second reading at the Aug. 19 meeting.

What happened: The council approved a resolution granting a six-year property tax abatement for First Internet Bancorp.

What it means: First Internet Bancorp has a prospective project planned that would expand the space there in either an attached or separate building at its 11201 USA Parkway location and is committing a minimum of $4 million in investment, according to a council action form. It’s an 80 percent property tax abatement set for the next six years.

What’s next: The council approved the resolution. The wheels are set in motion for the abatement and all of its requirements.