Doesn’t appreciate the label


Dear Editor,

A few comments on your “Take Another Shot” view. First is that gun owners going to an indoor shooting range do not pack “heat,” they carry a sidearm in an approved holster or carrying case. Second is if Blue Ash is having a noise issue it could be an indoor/outdoor range site, since every range I’ve gone to is silent from outside the building.  Third is that location does not matter because when you research the shooting tragedies the shooters did not bring the weapon(s) from a range, they brought them from their home. Fourth is that trained gun users who use a range are well versed in gun use and the damage guns can do unlike the thugs and hoodies who think guns are used to settle arguments. Lastly, with the rate of obesity, which is now a major killer of people, is it not appropriate, too, that the DQ is across the street from the mentioned funeral home.

And a note to Mina Khoury that I, like Mr. Parker, do not like being labeled as a “type of crowd” you wish not to patronize your establishment. You do not have to worry for after I finish target practicing at the range, I will not patronize your business then or any time from now on.

Rich Nehring