Music Works debuts Wind Symphony


By Dan Domsic

Fishers Music Works is picking up the tempo.

On August 10, the local music collective is holding its third show at the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater, 6 Municipal Dr., from 7 to 9 p.m.

Debuting at this concert is the Fishers Wind Symphony, featuring 45 players.

Another one of the umbrella organization’s music groups to be up and playing, Keith Kunda, music director, said the Fishers Wind Symphony will play Americana, starting off, of course, with the National Anthem.

“In keeping with a long standing tradition, we’ll be starting with the National Anthem, almost an automatic for any band concert,” he said. “Then they’ll be hearing music by Bernstein, Charles Ives, as well as marches – just an overall theme of Americana.”

Even though the symphony’s performance will start out with a patriotic flair, Kunda said that doesn’t necessarily mean every song will be that way, citing music by American composers and tunes from Broadway in the mix.

Joining the Fishers Wind Symphony for the concert will be the Nickel Plate Jazz Orchestra. The smaller ensemble played its first concert at the amphitheater in May.

The new symphony boasts a wide range of musicians from the community.

Kunda said the group has band directors, high school students, new high school graduates, students home from college, professionals and amateurs.

“It’s a really good group of people,” he said.

Kunda described the involvement of local band directors from the high schools and Riverside Junior High School as an “overwhelming positive.”

“Their participation is just such an encouragement knowing that they want this kind of thing to happen in Fishers,” he said, “and not just happen for their students, but happen so that they can be part of it, too, as players.”

On Fishers Music Works’ radar is the establishment of a Fishers Chamber Orchestra, which Kunda said will require funding to compensate string players.

While the amphitheater has been a recurring host of Fishers Music Works, Rob Lawyer, executive director, and Kunda said Christ the Savior Lutheran Church, 10500 E. 126th St., will host starting this October for the fall and winter seasons.


“If things work out, there’s a good possibility in 2014 in the winter season that we’ll debut, hopefully, the orchestra,” Lawyer said.