Relishing those ‘wow’moments


By Dan Domsic

May has been nothing short of a waterlogged, dreary mess of a month.

Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the scattered days of sunshine and warmth – but it’s time for summer to start already, if for nothing else then for the news groove to shift toward the outdoor, giving me a chance to work outside.

Earlier this month, I stood at the town’s amphitheater and listened to the Nickel Plate Jazz Orchestra, a new music group with the newly minted Fishers Music Works.

Threatening to ruin everyone’s fun, a storm seemed to roll in, but hardly anyone left.

And the sun came back out.

In the blare of the sun and brassy tones from the orchestra, I was truly happy to be a journalist. I was being paid to listen to local musicians and talk with people.

Those are the moments I look forward to when covering Fishers.

No politics, no policy, no procedure.

Just a lot of people happy to be sharing music and culture with the community. The great thing about Fishers is there is no shortage of artists willing to spice things up. They might not always be at the forefront, but they’re always out there working hard to do something different, and they periodically deliver dynamic experiences, which leads me to my final point.

There are certain unquantifiable moments that teachers don’t prepare you for in journalism school. Yes, you talk about all the different kind of stories you’ll write, but there’s still a “wow factor” you have to get over and be prepared to ask questions.

One of those was when Jeff Coffin, saxophonist with the Dave Matthews Band, improvised with a Fishers High School student during a music clinic he and his band, the Mu’tet, were putting on.

Opportunities like that are great for everyone, especially, I’m sure, for the students who were interested in cultivating a musical career.

I enjoy every minute I get to work with local musicians. They prove to be as diverse as the genres they cover, and metal band Infamous provides great tracks to jam to. If you’re into metal music, check out one of their tracks, “Breaking the Silence” on They’re quite reminiscent of bands such as “Avenged Sevenfold.”

I’ve also worked with a Fishers-based electronica group, The Sweetest Condition. They recently released an EP called “Truth and Light.” You can also check their tunes out on ReverbNation.

The new tunes are dark and brooding, drawing on muses like Nine Inch Nails. The track “Give Me the World” is a great introduction to their style.

It’s a privilege to get to share those moments and beautiful tunes with the readership.

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