Klassical Keys now offering lessons


New to the Carmel community is the Klassical Keys piano studio at 1 S. Rangel Line Rd., Suite 220.

Klassical Keys owner and instructor Courtney Bray offers an assortment of group workshops and private classes for all ages. In the past, Klassical Keys has taught intro to piano to children as young as three.

“My youngest student right now is 4-years-old, and my oldest student is 87-years-old,” Bray said.

At Klassical Keys, students learn basic piano skills, but they can also learn to write and compose their own music in a composition class. Being the only instructor, Bray likes to adjust her teaching style to each student’s needs.

“Each child is unique in their own way and needs to be taught in their own way,” Bray said. “My teaching style is very organic.”

Bray teaches students how to play classical pieces but also enjoys adding a fun flare to her classes by letting students pick out some of their favorite songs that play on the radio.

“Bruno Mars is a favorite right now,” Bray said.

During the summer months, Klassical Keys offers a summer package for kids which allows them to customize their sessions to their schedule.

“The summer package allows kids to stay involved while keeping up with their skills,” Bray said.

Every winter, Klassical Keys hosts a winter concert at the Ritz Charles Conference Center to showcase student’s hard work and talent.

“The winter concert allows the students to take pride in all their hard work,” Bray said. “It also helps them get past their fears of playing in front of others.”

For more information, call 594-3418 or visit www.klassicalkeys.net.


Klassical Keys

  • Who: Courtney Bray, owner
  • Favorite saying: “Imagine… sitting at the piano on a rainy day, pulling out your favorite piece. The holidays, surrounded by family, playing carols. Together with friends, flipping through popular sing-a-longs. Your child’s first recital, tiny fingertips pluck each key. Creating perfect moments in time, through music.” – Molto Dolce
  • Where: 1 S. Range Line Rd., Suite 220, Carmel
  • What: Customized piano and composition classes and workshops for all ages
  • For more information: Call 594-3418 or visit www.klassicalkeys.net