Five years go by quickly


Commentary by Heather Kestian

“Keep it together, Heather. Keep it, together.”

This was my mantra as I walked into our local elementary school to pick up the enrollment packet for our first child to go to school. I realize the absurdity of having to tell myself to keep it together for an enrollment packet. I realize he is not going to school next week, however, in my mind, this is a major moment.

More than five years ago, we welcomed our first bundle of joy into the world. After 40 hours of labor, he sprang into the world with about as much force as the blizzard that was raging outside of the hospital. As a baby, he had a similar temperament as the weather from the day of his birth. He has come a long way from the screamer he used to be and has developed into a fairly mild-mannered not-so-little boy.

Fast forward five years and lots of life lessons, and here we are. Here, walking into an elementary school telling myself to keep it together. I calmly walked into the school office, which was quite a pleasant stroll. The administrative assistant at the desk was very nice and explained the paperwork in detail. We went over the paperwork I brought in so that I could pick up the packet. She told me all about the various forms, including the school supply list. I was nodding my head and thought, “I got all worked up for nothing.”

Then, she explained that I needed to go online to complete the enrollment survey, and at that point, we would be done. Then, I almost lost it. I had to remind myself: “Focus, crazy lady, focus! It is only kindergarten!” I pulled it together and listened to the excitement planned for the Kindergarten Round Up. The kids will get to meet the teachers, ride the bus around the parking lot, and walk through the classrooms. I sure hope they have lots of Kleenex on hand – for springtime allergies, of course.

Where did five years go? I firmly believe I am going to wake up in what will feel like 24 hours and I will be packing him to go to college.

If picking up the packet was this difficult, I should probably request the entire first day of school off from work. I think there is a good chance I will be a mess.