Aggressive riders must stop



Once again, as soon as the weather turns nice the problem of aggressive bike riders on the Monon Trail is back. Everyone has seen them – dressed in their fancy bike outfits flying in and out of walkers screaming “on your left.” If they want to train for the “Tour de France,” use the dedicated bike lanes on the streets, not the Monon Trail during peak usage hours. Last time I checked, slower moving trail users have the right-of-way. Just because you scream “on your left” doesn’t mean slower trail users need to jump completely off the trail so you don’t have to slow down. Those bikes have brakes – learn how to use them.

Last weekend, I experienced two near misses of being run-over by ABRs. If I would have been walking my dog on the second incident my dog would have been hit by the bike. The rider even had the nerve to yell get out of my way. ABRs need to slow down or ride on off hours before someone gets seriously hurt.


Becky Feigh