Snot, poo, snuggles and love


Commentary by Heather Kestian

This has been a tough winter. It has been full of sniffles, sneezes, snot and a ridiculous amount of barf. It seems like anything that can come out of a little person has come out of my little people and usually on my dress shirt within minutes of leaving the house at 7 a.m. for an 8 a.m. meeting. I examine the shirt and think, “If I wear my scarf, no one will be able to tell it is a spit up stain.” I typically forget to ask the next logical question, which is, “Why would you continue to wear your cold weather scarf to this meeting?” Alas, we all leave the house, the kids are giggling at one another, and I cannot help but think this is not that bad of a morning. Only one spit up stain? It could have been worse – at least the cat did not barf on me.

I often sit back and thank my lucky stars for my children, even after a blow out diaper. The kind of diaper wherein you assess the damage, realize the situation is beyond repair, and think, we are just going to take a bath. Then you carry your child under his arms to the bathtub like he might hold some radioactive charge and pray that the fresh air doesn’t cause more damage. I am thankful for these moments too. After all, I have learned that giggles come with poo.

This all was brought home to me earlier this week. One rough night of teething and a slight fever helped me to remember that these kids are wonderful little people full of trust and love. At 2 a.m., after some major tears and painful gums, my littlest finally succumbed to sleep. He wiggled his way down from my shoulder, put his head over my heart and fell asleep. It is those moments where you forget you are awake at an unholy hour and spend those precious moments focused on all that is right and good in the world. These little people who inhabit this house and have managed to fill every room with toys (yes, even mommy and daddy’s bathroom) have also managed to fill every nook and cranny with love, joy and memories I hope I never forget.

While some mornings, nights and days are more challenging than others, I am incredibly thankful for my children. Even if they come with snot, barf and poo, they also come with giggles, snuggles, and unconditional love.