Exams are important



I am writing because I have issues with Ms. Wilson’s column in the March 12 issue. My issues are as a result of her stating several things. Oh, come on, these yearly exams are not that bad! Now she is discouraging women from going to their yearly exam, because it is uncomfortable. This is an important exam, and I would have appreciated it, after her “humor” if she would have at least had a small paragraph promoting how important these exams are for women to go to. And by the way, it is just as important for post-menopausal women to go to these exams. My mother passed away from ovarian cancer and it may have been caught sooner if she had been going to exams regularly, which is currently the best way of detection, such that it is. While I understand Ms. Wilson’s column is humor, and not serious, I think she should have at least mentioned a serious side to this one.

Lynn Cory