Moms may be part of the violence problem



We all think and know that the shooting in Newtown was a tragedy. We all want guns out of schools. The harsh reality is that laws will not stop the violence. Chicago is a prime example of that. Criminals are bent on crime and the nut cases that are suicidal are in fact almost impossible to stop if they are focused on getting their 15 minutes of fame. Our problem is in the family – maybe moms! We feed our children television that, when they watch it, they see several murders a day and we wonder why they are violent. They are exposed to sexual material or even pornography and we  expect our young men to treat women with respect. Our young children play video games that they can shoot as many people as they want, even put their picture on the face of the person they are shooting! This stuff never happened before so what has changed? We have owned guns for two centuries. Only in the past several years has this happened. I suggest that moms, and dads for that matter, need to focus on what they feed their children. This is a society problem. If you are fat you can blame the spoon or you can put it down!


John Smith