Traveling to a bowl game: Part II


As I said last week, bowl game trips are memorable for college fans. Even if fans take public transportation (planes, trains and buses) to a bowl destination, they still can plan for an adequate tailgate party before and after the game. The only problem is that they’ll have to cut a few corners because they won’t be able to bring along all their equipment and gadgets, so here are some hints to help plan a tailgate party at a bowl game.

Use one or two soft-sided coolers for carry-on luggage. Coleman has all sizes that fit carry-on regulations and some have wheels to make airport movement simpler.

Surf the web for upscale grocery outlets at your destination city. For example, Fresh Market, one of the nation’s premier upscale markets, has stores all over greater Miami. Plan a menu from the store’s deli section that will please your party. Look online in store sections with names like “Inspirations” and in lieu of this, surf to the deli section and plan your menu.

Here’s a nice dish for hotel suite entertaining and also for rental car tailgating. Using COOKED shrimp from the local market’s frozen section prepare this great Shrimp Cocktail.

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2 dozen extra-large shrimp

1 package of salad mix

1 lemon

Chili Sauce


Favorite upscale crackers


Sauce – Mix the chili sauce with the horseradish to your taste preference.

Shrimp – Rinse frozen shrimp in your hotel sink, peel off any shells and tails. Seal peelings in a zip lock bag because you won’t want their odor to linger in your room.

Cocktail – Arrange disposable plastic plates/bowls with salad and position shrimp in a pile on top center. Add a lemon wedge (or even avocado slices) next to the shrimp. Serve the cocktail sauce in a separate cup. Also, add some crackers to your offering.