Parent not satisfied with school board



I was prompted to write this letter after reading the Oct. 30 article “Board approves calendar; some leave disappointed,” as my own experience with the current Noblesville School Board has been much less than a positive one. My husband and I have two children attending Noblesville Schools. I have served in the following volunteer positions at their elementary school; PTO Vice President, PTO President, numerous Chairperson positions on the PTO, numerous volunteer positions. District-wide, I have served on the Community Advisory Council, the Redistricting Committee, the Communications Committee and the 21st Century Learning Council Committee. I have also received an award from the Hamilton County Reading Council for promoting literacy in the community. I am passionate about the education of the children in Noblesville. I hold the utmost respect for our school superintendent, Dr. Conner, and feel she is taking our school system in the right direction for the future. However, I would not serve on any committee under the direction of the current school board because it is my belief they do not respect the opinions provided by the committees or the community unless they are a reflection of their own.

Election time is here and we will have the opportunity to elect three new members to our school board. I would like to urge all Noblesville residents to know whom you are voting for. I have spent numerous hours researching the candidates to identify the three I feel would best serve our community. I concluded they are all “nice people.” I also concluded three of the candidates would NOT meet my requirements as an acceptable school board representative. Noblesville schools will be facing various important decisions in the near future that will affect all of us, not just those of us with children in school. Please take this opportunity to vote for the individuals you feel will make the best decisions for our teachers and our children, and will also listen to the opinions of the community. This is your chance to be heard. Please take the time to make an informed decision.

Kathy Anderson