Hassle free flights, anyone?


For me, the worst part about travel is dealing with flights. Long layovers, delays, constant gate changes; it can be a hassle. So when I recently read about Legacy Travel Club, a company wanting to provide nonstop flights out of Indianapolis, I had to find out more. Christopher Allen, president of Legacy and the man behind the idea, recently filled me in on his exciting plans.

Allen, a former ATA Airlines employee has spent the last few years putting together his strategy for Legacy. The club will offer nonstop leisure flights from Indianapolis to destinations in the U.S. (think Florida and California), Canada and the Caribbean. Flights would come with amenities such as meals, cocktails and free Wi-Fi. Could anything be more exciting?

Allen notes that in the past 10 years, Indianapolis has seen a steady decline in nonstop flights. In addition, as airlines struggle with the economy and higher fuel costs, fewer flight choices are available, making it difficult to get from point A to point B. Allen believes there is a need for more nonstop flights and is determined to fill this need.

Currently he is working to purchase a private jet. He recently reached an agreement with a Missouri based investment-banking firm that will work to raise over five million dollars for Legacy. In addition, Allen is selling lifetime memberships to assist with capitol. Memberships range from $1,000 to $5,000 and come with discounted and/or free flights each year for life. Once the club is up and running, lesser priced annual memberships will be offered.

Does taking a nonstop, hassle-free flight to the Caribbean or San Francisco appeal to you? If so, visit www.legacytravelclub.com and follow the prompts to let Allen know you’re interested. The more market share he can show, the sooner we can all get where we want to go in a faster, easier fashion.