Left turning lanes to improve downtown Westfield


The city of Westfield has partnered with INDOT to implement much needed traffic improvements at the intersection of Ind. 32 and Union Street. Left turn lanes weree installed in each direction on Ind. 32 and Union Street to prevent left turns from impeding through traffic and to improve traffic flow in downtown Westfield.

Westfield Mayor Andy Cook says these improvements are long overdue.

“In talking to residents and downtown merchants, a consensus was made that the intersection needed to be a priority,” said Cook. “Upgrading the intersection will help to alleviate the congestion our downtown receives during periods of high traffic.”

Pavement markings at the intersection were replaced to modify the traffic configuration on Oct. 9. Traffic will be directed around work zones, and motorists should use caution while driving through the area. Work at the interchange will continue through the week, barring inclement weather, until the changes are complete.

Some current parking on each side of Ind. 32 and Union Street will be removed to allow adequate space for the additional turn lanes. Cook said that 12 spots were lost around the intersection to make room for additional lanes. INDOT will continue to monitor the intersection for any additional necessary improvements.