Fat Christians: The difference between analyzing and believing


A number of years ago my brother and I were working out together in a gym down in Oklahoma.

As usual, the mixture of being brothers and naturally competitive, we can brew up quite an intense scenario. Generally I get annoyed with people in the gym grunting and yelling as they lift weights.  Yet, here I find myself, once again, giving my all trying to outdo my younger much stronger brother.

While we were in the middle of our pseudo friendly workout, a gentleman came walking up to us. He interrupted our workout and started talking about exercise, nutrition and overall health.  The guy kept on rambling on and on, seemingly unaware that he was messing up our rivalry, ah, I mean workout.

Finally, after we had cooled down he shook our hands and walked off. My brother looked at me after he’d walked out and started to laugh a little. I asked what was funny. He pointed out how ironic it was that this guy knew so much about working out, came into the gym, connected with a few people and then walked out without working out at all. The funny thing was he really knew his stuff, but by his own admission, he didn’t practice it. My brother, an extremely successful personal trainer, looked at me and said, “I only make money if I practice what I preach. It’s sad, but in personal training you don’t sell your knowledge, you sell you.”

There are times I truly wish this wasn’t the case with Christianity. Like it or not, the reality is people adjudicate faith based heavily on the package or person it comes in.

It is so frustrating when people who call themselves Christians do little more than analyze ancient text. The beautiful ethics in the Bible weren’t meant to be analyzed alone. They were designed to bring life!  If you are a Christian, please live it. We need to actively be living out what we claim to believe.