Borschel seeks to expose truths

CIF COM Borschel

Minister, writer and musician Audrey Borschel aims to help readers detect and decode the truth in news and advertising.

The Fishers resident is the author of two separate but related works, “Preaching Prophetically When the News Disturbs” and more recently, “Sleuthing the Truth in the Media.”

“I want my readers to be a little more skeptical of stories,” Borschel said.

The first book is geared towards preachers and helping them understand the media so that they can “preach pastorally and prophetically during crises or when the news disturbs,” according to Borschel’s web description of the book.

Borschel said the book helps the clergy preach in hard times, as different events impact different people in different ways.

“Sleuthing the Truth in the Media” is a follow up that is aimed at the general public.

Borschel said the book provides consumers with clear examples, tools and skills necessary for discerning the truth in news stories and in advertisements in an objective manner.

She said one example she uses in “Sleuthing the Truth in the Media” involved health claims made by advertising for Cheerios cereal that the FDA took issue with. .

In today’s political climate, Borschel said errors in statistics hurt campaigns and the politicians behind them.

She would not comment on what news platforms or political campaigns are the most truthful.

“In both camps people stretch the truth,” she said.

The books can be found at Mudsock Books, but can be purchased via Paypal and, among other venues.  It is suitable for teenagers to adults Borschel said.

Borschel holds two doctorates, one in the music field and the other in preaching. She has lived in Fishers since 2005, but has lived in the Indianapolis-area since 1986.

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