‘Legal voting’ takes a hit in Pennsylvania


You may have heard that a Pennsylvania judge blocked enforcement of the voter identification law enacted by the legislature and signed by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.  The law required photo ID cards for voters. With the law’s defeat, you can place the Keystone State in President Barack Obama’s column on Nov. 6.  We’re willing to state the obvious: The law in no way disenfranchises any voter; it is an attempt to prevent fraudulent voting, so those opposed to it, well, let’s just say they like a little breathing room when it comes to the definition of “legal voting.” Granted, there’s voter fraud on both sides, but we’re quite curious as to why the Democrats are so opposed to photo IDs. Actually, we know why, and we trust that you do, too.

* * *

Bias in the mainstream media? You be the judge. Fox News points out the following in an online report: The press is particularly eager to support Obama, seemingly bending over backward to spin declining economic numbers in a positive way. GDP rose at an annual rate of just 1.25 percent from April through June, barely keeping up with the growth in population. Durable goods orders plunged 13.2 percent in August. Median household income has actually fallen. Income has dropped from $53,718 to $50,678 since the “recovery” started in June 2009.  In August and September, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times gave Obama slightly more positive headlines than Bill Clinton would have received with the same economic news. Obama also got more than 20 percent more positive headlines than Fox’s data indicated that similarly situated Republicans would have gotten. This more positive coverage has a real impact on people’s perceptions of the economy. More positive headlines raised people’s perceptions that the economy was getting better, when that wasn’t – and isn’t, apparently – the case.