Stoplight removed at 98th Street and Keystone


The traffic signal at 98th Street and Keystone Parkway was permanently removed on Sept. 26. Access to and from 98th Street has been converted to a right-in/right-out for both the north and southbound Keystone Parkway traffic. A temporary concrete barrier wall is now in place at the intersection, preventing vehicles from making left turns or crossing Keystone Parkway.

Modifications to this intersection are necessary because of the traffic back-up on Keystone Parkway due to the detour from the U.S. 31 construction project. Plans to modify this intersection have been in place since 2009 as part of the Keystone Parkway reconstruction project.

When completed, the north-south traffic on Keystone Parkway will be free-flowing with no traffic lights between 96th Street and 146th Street. Removing this stoplight will also allow room for an additional southbound thru-lane to be added to increase efficiency at 96th Street and Keystone Parkway, allowing more traffic to move through this intersection. This improved efficiency is crucial before additional U.S. 31 project work in Carmel is bid and begins this fall.

New traffic route options:

  • Southbound traffic wanting to access 98th Street
    • Go east on 96th Street then north on Lakeshore Drive to 98th Street
    • Make a U-turn on 96th Street
  • Northbound traffic wanting to access 98th Street
    • Go west on 96th Street then north on Haverstick Road to 98th Street
    • Use 106th Street roundabout to go around and head south on Keystone to 98th Street