Please keep wandering



I enjoyed reading the article “Wandering through Zionsville” last week and can relate to one of the last statements: “This is a fantastic, friendly, little town. Where have I been all these years?” I have lived in and around the Indianapolis area all my life (Greenwood, Fishers, Geist area, Carmel, and northwest Indianapolis). I started working in Zionsville just over a year ago. While I have always known about Zionsville and have known a few people who lived in Zionsville, I had no idea how cool and unique this community was until I started working in Zionsville. I have since moved to Zionsville and tell others that Zionsville is Indiana’s “Best Kept Secret.” Most in and around Indy would label the Zionsville Community as being rich and conservative. I once thought that myself. However, I have come to love the hard-working, family-oriented, “love to have fun” attitude, generous, and supportive community that makes Zionsville a community like none other. I look forward to reading your future articles.

Judi L. Cooper