Westfield Fire Chief places temporary ban on open burning


fireBecause of the recent dry conditions and no significant rainfall in the forecast, Westfield Fire Chief Todd Burtron has placed a temporary ban on open burning effective immediately.  According to Indiana Fire Code 307.1.1 – The Fire Chief is authorized to require open burning be immediately discontinued if such open burning constitutes a hazardous condition.

The National Weather Service reported that in June 2012, Central Indiana set the record for the longest dry period in June.    This dry weather has caused grass, crops and leaves to dry up creating an extremely hazardous fire condition.  The current forecast does not show any relief from the dry conditions causing the hazard to become more serious.

This temporary ban of open burning is effective for the City of Westfield along with Washington Township in Hamilton County.  This ban prohibits any open burning, comfort fires, agriculture burning or similar legal fires until weather conditions improve.  Additionally, if anyone chooses to ignore this ban of open burning they will be committing Class C infraction that carries fines up to $500.00 per instance.  Chief Burtron states, “The extremely dry conditions pose a significant threat to life and property.  Extreme temperatures are expected later this week with little to no rainfall will continue to create drier conditions and more need to protect homes, families and properties from the exposure to fire.”

The open burning ban will remain in effect until the Fire Chief has lifted the Open Burning Ban.  We urge all citizens to follow this ban to protect lives and property of the Westfield community.   This burn ban does not include fireworks. However, the City of Westfield discourages the use of consumer fireworks during these dry weather conditions.  If using consumer fireworks, please use extreme caution and use in a safe and responsible manner.