New amphitheater to be completed by September


Construction on a new amphitheater behind Town Hall began at the end of May, and its completion is slated for Sept. 1.

The project in the municipal district costs $822,500 of a $1-million budget. Myers Construction Management’s base bid was $774,000, but according to an action form from Tony Elliot, assistant to the town manager, the staff recommended consenting to an alternate plan that accelerates construction by one month.

The Town of Fishers staff and town council received nine bids for the construction project – the most expensive being $1.08 million.

Funding for the amphitheater came from Cumulative Capital Development fund, the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Park Impact Fee fund, according to a council action form.

Scott Fadness, town manager, said the accelerated plan was accepted so the amphitheater could be ready to go for a full spring season of activities next year. The extra month allows for landscaping and stabilizing the area after the sod and grass were torn up to redo drainage.

Once completed, the new amphitheater will serve as a hub for a multitude of town functions and events, according to the action form.

Fadness said the amphitheater is step one in a process to build a vibrant downtown.

“At the end of the day we’re trying to provide a sense of place and identity,” Fadness said.