Plan commision considers new subdivision



The Zionsville Plan Commission heard a petition for Blackstone, a Major Residential Subdivision planned by Ryland Homes, a national homebuilding company that built Zionsville’s  Eagles Nest and Fieldstone subdvisions. Blackstone would be located on East State Road 334 near the present  Stonegate subdivision and would consist of 65 lots on a 40 acre site. Attorney for Ryland Homes Mike Andreoli said the Blackstone lots would house Ryland Homes’ estate sized homes. “I think this is the type of residence Zionsville likes to see,” Andreoli said. The Plan Commission took issue with several aspects of the proposal including: proposed secondary access connection, drainage issues, impact on a privately-owned neighboring pond, covenants and approval by the Street Department for the access point from Blackstone onto State Road 334. The Commission members moved to continue the proposal hearing at the June 18 Plan Commission meeting.

What it means

The aforementioned components of the Blackstone proposal were not finalized and the Commission members voted to reconsider the proposal at the next meeting, allowing Ryland Homes time to address the issues raised by the Plan Commission.

What’s next

The proposal for Ryland Homes’ subdivision will be revisited at the June 18 meeting. Additionally, the minutes from the February 27, 2012, meeting will be approved.