Why so secret?



I was surprised to receive your publication in the mailthis week.I was happy to read it and learn about what thispublication has to offer.

One article that concerned me was “Is this the future?”I question your editorial judgment in featuring ananonymous person while providing names and photos of others in the article.

I’m left to question the validity of John Doe’s comments, whether I agree with them or not. Who is this personwho can make statements and be quoted, yet choosesto remain anonymous? This in contrast to the othersmentioned in the article.

Coincidentally, I also subscribed to an online blogthis week, Zionsville Confidential. Now I discover this person’s identity is secret as well … whichleads me to wonder if he is your John Doe… Andwhy the need for secrecy?

In that secrecy, I think, lays a story.

Pat Long