Witham Health Services, Liberty Dialysis and patients celebrate five years of service


Anyone touched by dialysis knows it can be a time-consuming and stressful treatment regimen –one that often impacts not just the lives and schedules of patients, but their families as well. Just ask Diana Williams, whose mother, Charlene, was diagnosed with diabetes-related renal failure and needed life-saving dialysis.

Diana began having conversations with Witham Health Services CEO Ray Ingham to bring dialysis to Boone County. Witham had already begun to assess community needs and identified dialysis as a high priority. In 2007, Witham, in partnership with Liberty Dialysis, unveiled the state-of-the-art facility in Lebanon that became a true blessing to patients and their families.

“Having this treatment facility close to home has changed my life and that of my mom,” Diana says. “Today, mom can start her dialysis early in the morning and be back at home mid-morning to enjoy the rest of her day.”

Her mom couldn’t agree more.

“My quality of life has drastically improved since being treated here in town,” Charlene shares. “I couldn’t be more grateful to Witham and the exceptional staff that cares for me while I receive treatment. They’re all like family.”

At Witham Health Services – Liberty Dialysis, patients receive compassionate care from a team of dialysis and healthcare professionals, led by Sudha Rani, medical director.

“Our goal is to ensure our patients receive dialysis care in a positive and compassionate environment, leading to the best quality of life possible,” says Rani. “Our team genuinely cares about the lives of each of our patients and serving the dialysis needs of this community.”

In addition to direct patient care, the skilled and dedicated nephrologists make it easier for the family to understand and manage the patient’s overall care. Patients and families receive a host of educational, dietary and social services as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

The state-of-the-art facility has nine dialysis stations equipped with comfy, oversized chairs and individual flat-screen TVs, creating an environment that is relaxing and calm for patients. The center runs four shifts and serves 32 patients, with all but one from Boone County.

“Witham continues to respond to the needs of the community by growing our service lines and adding quality programming to our portfolio of healthcare services,” says Ingham. “We know it’s extremely important to our patients we provide services close to home and the Dialysis Center was an important investment in our community,” he adds.