City pushes communication through social media


The City of Westfield is in the midst of a major social media push to connect with its residents through technology.

COM Social media Carrie Cason mug

Carrie Cason, City of Westfield spokesperson, said the city has had its own Facebook account and a Facebook account for Grand Park. However, now the city is expanding its social media skills to Web sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest.

“We’re trying to better engage the community.It’s so different now than it was a few years ago because everyone is so plugged in to social media; we need to adapt to what people are doing,” Cason said. “The days of calling 804-3000 are over because we need to adapt to a new environment and media avenues.”

Cason said the city’s communication department constantly monitors all social media outlets through, a Web site that combines all social media outlets for a comprehensive approach to always be updated about residents’ needs and concerns.

“We are constantly following the concerns of the community.We monitor our social mediaand make sure residents’ comments get to who they need to get to and we follow up,” Cason said.“We also realize there’s a segment of the population that doesn’t plug into social media, and that’s fine. We still have the traditional ways to get a hold of us.”

Cason said the city’s active pursuit for staying plugged in is part of keeping up with the world and the residents.

“I think social media is the way of the world and it’s what we need to do,” Cason said.