Transportation: Getting around!




As I contemplated what would be on citizens’ minds, The Beach Boys song “I Get Around” came to mind. Transportation is one of the major issues all communities face, and Noblesville is no exception.

As an update, the utility work for the realignment of River Road has been begun. We look forward to the weather improving and the full project being started. As always, with projects of this nature, there will be a period of inconvenience, but the improvements will be worth the wait! The target date for completion is summer. The Roads Committee will be reviewing the final road resurfacing list for 2012. As the city’s budget has tightened, the average life of our existing roads will need to be extended given the current (and ongoing) level of funding available. Our street department will be working diligently this year to assist in this endeavor.

At this year’s state of county address, Commissioner Steve Dillinger provided an overview of the county’s transportation projects. One of the most significant of those is an additional bridge over White River. This project may be the most important Noblesville has contemplated in a number of years. As the city and county continue to grow, the urgency to make this bridge a reality increases. We will be looking at routing options for a road to the proposed bridge, which will need to incorporate future traffic flows from Ind. 37 and Ind. 32, and the potential of light rail in the community. Input from a professional study, and the public, will be essential in this process. Finally, the funding for this project will also hinge on public desire to pay for a project of this magnitude. More details on this will be forthcoming.

Speaking of state highways, a study is underway looking at the required changes at the intersection of I-69 and Ind. 37 and for the corridor. The results of this study should be available later this year. For those of us who use this corridor on a frequent basis, there is no question as to the necessity of improvements at the interchange and on Ind. 37. Once again, the issue of cost and timing will come into play.

Success in bringing new jobs and high-quality amenities to the community will require our continual investment in transportation infrastructure. Our challenges will be prioritization and identifying appropriate funding sources to make these projects a reality.