Zeckel, Taylor begin terms on council

COM Council New Members
Noblesville Common Council’s newest members Jeff Zeckel, left, and Rick Taylor

Jeff Zeckel and Rick Taylor began their four-year Noblesville Common Council term Tuesday with a light, but memorable agenda.

Taylor has actually been a councilman for several months now, as he was sworn into office in August to fill Dale Snelling’s seat after his untimely death last year. Taylor was elected to Snelling’s seat in May and was unopposed in November’s general election.

“It’s nice to know I’m filling a seat I’m supposed to fill in 2012,” said Taylor. “It’s been an honor to fill in for Dale Snelling, but I’m looking forward to starting my four-year term.”

Zeckel said Tuesday’s meeting was an exciting, yet different time for him.

“I was very nervous,” he said, adding the best advice he’s received was to be himself during his term. “I haven’t missed a meeting since February. It’s just different sitting up here from being out in the audience.”

Both of the council’s newest members said the biggest obstacle facing them this year would be the economy.

“As the economy tries to recoup from bad times, we need to keep our budget balanced and maintain our services,” said Taylor. “We need to hold taxes down and spend money wisely.”

“I feel we are in fairly good shape fiscally,” added Zeckel.

The two also agree the revitalization of downtown is an important goal for both of them during their terms.

“My personal focus is downtown Noblesville and helping to maintain its vibrancy,” said Zeckel. “I want to make sure there is economic development downtown. If you look around, there are vacancies – I want to see economic development downtown as well as the Corporate Campus.”

“I think the city has done a fairly good job with Old Town as the city has grown,” said Taylor. “We need to maintain its history. Old Town is what makes Noblesville and continues to be the biggest fiscal point of Noblesville, and that includes downtown.

Zeckel and Taylor join an experienced council and look forward to learning and working with their fellow councilmen.

“We have one goal in mind – to make this a better place to raise a family,” said Taylor.

“We have an excellent team in place. While we have different backgrounds, we share a common passion to make Noblesville the best it can be,” added Zeckel. “They’ve been a tremendous amount of help.”