Cans for kids is spreading magic

Cans For Kids Maple Glen Picture 201121
Maple Glen first grade teacher Mrs. Cruse and her class

Photos and article submitted by Ashley Knott:

On a daily basis, kids can say and do the kindest things and it is even more heart felt when it is accomplished during the holidays.  The Montessori School of Westfield and Mrs. Cruse’s First Grade class at Maple Glen Elementary are teaming up to reach children through Cans for Kids. Through the eyes of a child this project was created to raise the spirits of a child in need. Although there are many wonderful ways our community reaches out to help others, this is very special because it is from a child’s point of view. Think small. Cans were generously donated to both groups. The kids decorated their cans with so much spirit and love. They understood they would be making a fellow child smile. The kids were asked to bring in small items such as toothbrushes, small trinket toys, socks and other items that would warm the heart of another child. This experience was amazing. Not only were the children giving to others, but the joy they received when they turned in their cans was incredible.  Once the cans were complete each child who participated was given a badge that read “I spread some magic today”.  The idea behind the badge was to keep the love rolling.  Getting children to talk about their magical moments will hopefully make a bigger impact that they can understand and continue with those they tell. 122 cans from MSW were distributed to the Amanda Strong Foundation in Westfield. The 25 cans from Mrs. Cruse’s First Grade Class were distributed to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

If you received one of these cans we hope that you had a magical moment upon opening it. May the treasures and wishes you received brightened your day and show you that fellow kids care.

Happy Holidays!

Cans For Kids Maple Glen Picture 20112
Can's For Kids at the Montessori School of Westfield