Election 2011: Letter to the editor


Dear Editor:

As a current resident of Washington Township and Westfield for 30 years I have personally experienced, and participated in, several aspects of this community. My three now adult children attended and graduated from Westfield Schools. During my years as a Westfield resident, I have served as an active volunteer in the school system, local boy and girl scouting programs and numerous community organizations and efforts. During this time I worked alongside local appointed and elected officials. The majority of these good folks had the very best intentions for this community and worked diligently to assist in its progress. I find that this is still the standard as I continue my volunteer and professional service within the community.

Much has changed and there has been steady progress over the years. From the days of a three-member town council and a 17-member Advisory Plan Commission to 2007 when the citizens voted to make the transition to a city, and now when Westfield finds itself ready to hold its second city election. Westfield has come a long way in 30 years and I am pleased to see the maturation process continue. It must continue.

Mayor Andy Cook has the vision and plans to continue moving Westfield forward. With his experience and comprehensive involvement in the numerous facets of managing the City, along with his unique, researched and well-thought out plans for economic growth, I firmly believe he is the right person to continue leading this community by serving a second term as mayor.

There has been much discussion regarding the development plans for Grand Junction and Grand Park. I personally affirm the long-range goal of attracting economic development through the use of unique developments and I believe these two are needed for the continued positive quality of life for Westfield residents.

I applaud the Mayor and the City Council for having the courage to explore and develop projects such as the Grand Park and Grand Junction. Additionally, Mayor Cook’s relationship and progress with INDOT regarding the U.S. 31 upgrade adds value to his role as a city leader. I believe as a community, we will look back years from now and appreciate the great benefits Westfield will be enjoying as a result of an administration that was creative, brave and visionary.

I urge my fellow citizens to take time on November 8th and vote in favor of the continued leadership of Mayor Andy Cook.


Julie E. Sole


Westfield 46074