Letter: Keep outside politics out



My husband and I have lived in Fishers, specifically the Southwest District, for the past 27 years. In an attempt to make an informed vote for Fishers City Council candidates, I recently reviewed the candidates’ campaign donor reports. I was surprised, to say the least, by my findings. Bill Stuart, a Democrat challenging Republican councilman David Giffel, has raised a substantial amount of money from non-Fishers sources. 

This significant out-of-town financial support raises questions about the potential influence these individuals and groups might weigh on Stuart if elected. As residents of this vibrant and growing community, we value and want to maintain the quality of life we experience. It is logical to be concerned about the impact that external politics might have on OUR city. Fishers has thrived because of the local decision-making and commitment to keeping our community safe and fiscally responsible. Let’s not allow external interests to undermine the values and principles that have made Fishers a great place to live.

The upcoming election is an opportunity to support candidates who have been consistently responsive to their constituents, and truly represent our local interests and finances. Ensure that the challenges faced by Indianapolis don’t become our problems. Please join me in supporting Councilmember David Giffel for Fishers Southwest District.

Jennie J. Nicol, Fishers