On the move: Noblesville resident’s business provides comforting lift to seniors


Eight years ago, Fred Slack never imagined he would own a business specializing in helping seniors move to new homes.

By accident or fate, a small act of kindness led to the creation of Fred’s Senior Moving Services. The company aims to offer highly competitive moving prices, with 90 percent of its clientele living in Hamilton County.

Slack, a Noblesville resident, said before starting the company he volunteered at senior living facilities, where he and his church band played music during the holidays.

“Somebody needed help moving, but they couldn’t afford what the senior moving companies were charging,” Slack said.

Slack and his musician friends helped them move, asking for nothing in return. The experience showed him how many other seniors needed help moving but could not afford it. Although anyone can hire his services, his company was inspired by the need for providing affordable senior moving services.

In the past, Slack has charged clients $600 for services he saw other moving companies price at $2,000.

“I felt if I could do a better service at a much cheaper price, I’d get 10 times the clientele,” Slack said.

Fred’s Senior Moving Services launched in 2015. For the cost of what he said most companies charge for a move, his business offers additional services.

“We’ll pack for them. We’ll move them and set up the apartment,” Slack said. “By the time we leave, they don’t have to do anything but relax. Everything is set up.”

A typical move with Fred’s Senior Moving Company is priced at a flat rate between $800 and $1,200, depending on a one- or two-bedroom dwelling, Slack said.

“The only time you get more than that is when we’re moving to a three-bedroom house,” Slack said. “With the average senior move, we seldom go over $1,200.”

Slack said he charges flat rates to allow more time to be spent on providing high-quality service. By not charging clients by the hour, his employees are encouraged to take their time to do an efficient job. This can include carefully packing away priceless items or sharing a meaningful conversation with a client.

“Seniors love to talk,” Slack said. “We really take that time to show them we care more about them than the move.”

Two years ago, Slack moved Susan Taylor from Bridgewater Apartments in Westfield to Northridge Gracious Retirement in Fishers.

Taylor said she found out about Slack’s services through people who work at Northridge. She learned that his services were company-approved and he had moved residents there often.

“He had already done it many times before and that was a relief to me,” Taylor said. “I didn’t have to worry about communicating any rules or regulations to another mover. It was a smooth move.”

The average time for Fred’s to move a customer is five hours. Time is an important factor for the customers, Slack said.

“The last thing you want is a senior that is tied up all day,” he said. “That stresses them out. We try to make it as smooth and easy as possible. It’s a really good system.”

Slack said 80 percent of the company’s business is relocating a customer from a house to a senior living facility, but moves are made to homes, too. The company makes local and long-distance moves.

Slack said he has repeat customers.

“As time passes, we’ll move them from independent living to assisted living, then to memory care,” Slack said.

For more, visit fredsseniormoving.com

Fred Slack owner of Big Freds Senior Moving Services Photo 2
Fred Slack, right, with his moving crew. (Photo by Edward Redd)

A family business

Fred Slack always wanted to start a company. Prior to launching Fred’s Senior Moving Services, he worked a few different jobs, but helping a senior move gave him the perfect idea for a company.

He enjoys helping seniors and accomplished his goal of starting a business.

Slack runs the business with his family. His daughter, Tiera Paredes, is the field’s crew manager, and his son-in-law, Jesus Paredes, is the team manager.